Record Breaking Results Of 2017 School Supply Dist. – Oct. 18, 2017

Muchas Gracias . . . Many thanks to all our Friends of Cozumel (FOC) donors.  This truly was a record breaking year for amount of supplies and monetary donations received.  As a result, the project benefitted significantly more students.

Back to School Update . . . Cozumel students in kindergarten through high school have completed the first two months of school and are receiving mid-term grades.  University students studying here on the island as well as students attending universities in other Mexico locations have different school calendars.  Scholarship recipients are sending in their first term grades to be eligible for continuation of their scholarships so the school project continues throughout the year and we’re gearing up for 2018.

Record results of 680 students benefitted . . . 505 students received backpacks with school supplies for their specific year in school.  All are from families in need and must provide documentation showing each student’s grades or proof of school enrollment.  We collaborate with Chrysalis and other organizations that benefit a specific list of pre-identified students to eliminate duplication of resources.  In addition, FOC provided 175 basic school supply packets to youth served by DIF (local social service agency) and a shelter program for women who have been abused and their children.  

CAM School special needs students and families

Student breakdown and trends (of 505 who received backpacks and supplies)

33 Kindergarten


234 Primaria (Elementary grades 1-6)


96 Secundaria (Middle school 7-9)


84 Prepa (High School 10-12)


28 Universidad (University)


30 CAM (2 schools for special needs youth with various disabilities). 




Years ago, when we began the school supply project, most students were in primaria (elementary school).  We’ve seen a dramatic shift to secundaria, prepa and university.  Another trend is the changing balance of males vs. females in school and profile of who continues beyond the obligatory school attendance age of 14.  In the past we experienced female students dropping out of school earlier than males.  In 2017 FOC served 46% males and 54% females.  The breakdown for high school is 45% males; 55% females and for university 18% males vs. 82% females. 

Coming Soon . . . Check back for postings how volunteers can participate in the school project, highest priority school supply and shoe donations needed for 2018, scholarship program and other community service/mission projects.

Karen and Larry in Cozumel    

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