FOC Winter Mission Week Welcomes New and Returning Volunteers – Jan. 26, 2017

FOCwelcomeMtgJan17Nearly 45 new and returning volunteers have gathered in Cozumel, coming from down the block and across the globe. They’re about to begin work on a variety of projects for island residents in need that focus on helping organizations, families and individuals become more self-sufficient.

Volunteer teams began their project planning today and will continue their work through February 6. The 2017 Winter Mission projects include:
• Constructing shelves for schools and therapy centers,
• Sewing classes,
• Home improvement projects for two families living in extreme conditions,
• Developing a sensory therapy room for special needs children at Corazones Unidos,
• Constructing an outdoor recreation area for autistic children at Centro de Autismo,
• Distributing clothing, food, eyeglasses to families in need,
• Holding a Gran Bazar,
• Assembling drinking water systems,
• Assembling school supplies,
• Mentoring local teens and adults in community service.

Throughout the next 10 days or so, we hope to give you an insight to our experiences. Follow us on Friends of Cozumel’s Facebook page or on the web. We’ll look forward to your comments and encouragement as we combine our efforts to make a difference and have some fun.

“The happiest people I know are those in the service of others.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

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