Game-changers — Sat., July 30, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 5.30.28 PMAfter day 3 of school supply distribution, 338 children have new backpacks, learning materials and shoes for school. Receiving support for their education will likely be a game-changer for them.


GlassesInventoryBut there are others who are receiving only one important item from Friends of Cozumel’s distribution. And that item may be life-changing for them as well. They didn’t have to meet any qualifications. They simply had to wait in line to be fitted with a pair of simple magnifier eyeglasses—the inexpensive kind you can find in most discount stores.


GlassesTestThe first day of our distribution, only 18 people ventured into the room where volunteers had samples of various print sizes and an inventory of glasses from +1.00 to +3.50. People were tested to see if they needed reading glasses and which strength worked best for them. Once word got out that these people could now see print clearly with the help of new reading glasses, a line formed outside the door. Nearly 100 people needing help with their vision have showed up so far on our subsequent days of distribution.


One man in is early 40’s said he had never worn glasses before. He was all smiles as he discovered he could now read things that had always been a blur to him.


“Muchisimas gracias,” he said. “Now I will be able to read my Bible.”


The glasses were all donated—many of them purchased at a discount store where you can find all sorts of things for a dollar. Just a dollar for a life-changing act of charity. Kind of a bargain, don’t you think? Keep those acts of kindness coming, Friends of Cozumel supporters. We’ll do our best to connect with people in need of game-changing support. ~ Phyllis from Nebraska

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