Reflections of Winter Mission 2016 – March 19, 2016

Whew!  The “official” dates this year were February 24 thru March 4.   It’s now March 19th and there are still lingering items to finish.

  • Two tables that were constructed still need coats of varnish to protect them
  • Two therapy games for the CAM school need final pictures and painting
  • Final installation of the water purification systems needs to be completed
  • Clothing not sold in the latest bazar requires sorting, repricing and storing

There are other assorted “to dos” on our list but these are the primary ones that stick out in my mind at the time of this writing.   Even though some work remains, a HUGE amount was completed and all who participated felt very pleased with what was accomplished.  Just to highlight a few of them. . .

  • 41 teens and adults participated in the learn to sew workshops and made themselves zippered bags and skirts.
  • 24 teens and adults participated in the repurposing workshop, making useful items for their homes.
  • 17 teens and adults participated in the learn to snorkel program, many of them overcoming a fear of the ocean.
  • 11 water purification systems were built and are being put into use, saving families money that otherwise would be spent to purchase bottled water.
  • Ministry activities included prison baptisms, a special film showing, music, and many opportunities to share special messages.

Personally, I think the greatest part about these projects was that they weren’t about a group of people coming in and building something for others and then leaving.   Rather, we worked alongside the local people with them doing a lot of the work (and frequently learning from it).   They finished projects with pride as they had been directly involved in the process.   That made it even more worthwhile.

I could go on with more “highlights” but perhaps it’s easier if you sit back and enjoy the 12 minute video we put together sharing the activities of this year’s winter mission projects.   Just press HERE to see the video.  Enjoy!


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