It’s a Vacation of Service—July 25, 2015

DistibuPrep1 DistribJulieScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.10.19 AMEach day, one or more of the FOC volunteers can be heard to say “this is my best ___ (fill in the number) day ever.” Just yesterday, Lisa from Maryland said “this is my best eighth day ever.” Why? She spent her time making a difference.

“Today I got to do two things that were life-changing for sure—and the main reasons I wanted to make this trip,” she said. “I started the day being a part of the Friends of Cozumel school distribution. I was on the shoe team and over the next few days will be giving about 350 children of all ages shoes and sneakers so they can attend school.

“But it’s more than shoes and backpacks and supplies,” said Lisa. “It’s opportunity, it’s hope. Being a part of something that’s bigger than just my little life is humbling and to step back and really take it in will take a while but I know I made a difference today.

CasitaSwmGrp“The second part of my day was spent in a pool with some severely disabled children as part of a special organization called Casita Corazon. This obviously is personal to me. These children are precious and beautiful and God’s children. It is my heart that no child be left out or forgotten and today was a beautiful opportunity to give them a chance to have fun, experience new things and treat them as special as they are! I was humbled to have the privilege of spending time with these families. It was a wonderfully special day,” said Lisa.

Casita Corizon (Little House of the Heart) is a home-like setting where families can bring children with different abilities for physical and sensory therapy. Jorge is the head therapist of the organization that will soon become an official Mexican nonprofit.

“Beautiful day!!” said Jorge on his Facebook page. “In Therapy, thanks to Karen and her group of volunteers who supported us. Thank you for your time and dedication of heart. Thank you–the kids enjoyed it.”

Families of the children enjoyed watching from pool side. Most of the mothers preferred not to get CasitaJorgeinto the water since they don’t know how to swim and don’t have swimwear. But they participate in Casita Corazon’s work toward self-sufficiency by holding bake sales and local fund drives to help pay the utilities of the house.

The volunteers enjoyed it as much as the children. For many of us, this work is more like a vacation since it’s so different from our other lives. Pastora Mariela got it right with this post on her Facebook page.

“How beautiful to see families happy and the smile of children is priceless. God bless you so much for your valuable time by coming to the island for a vacation of service.”

~ Phyllis from Nebraska



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