Girl Scout Troop Donates School Supplies – July, 2014

School Supply Package

What a nice surprise to receive this in the mail!

It feels like we’re just beginning to enjoy summer yet we are only two weeks away from distribution of school supplies to 300 children in Cozumel! It’s always exciting as we prepare for the process of contacting these families and providing the children with the supplies they will need for the new school year.

This is also the time of year that the stores in the United States begin their promotions and discounts which we gladly participate in and frankly, rely upon. We had a tremendous push this past year which not only allowed us to increase our distribution from 200+ to 300 children, but also gave us a great start for the 2015/2016 school year as we already have quantities of many items for next year (including many backpacks). Here is a list of the items we will need the most. We’ve also indicated the approximate quantities we will be needing to give you an idea.

  • Two Pocket Folders [400+]
  • Scissors – Blunt [100]

  • Scissors – Pointed [100]

  • Colored Pencils (12 or 24 count) [250]

  • Blue Pens [350]

  • Red Pens [150]

  • Markers (8-12 count, washable preferred) [200]

  • Dry Erase Markers [300]

  • Highlighters [200]

  • Calculators – Basic [100]

  • Calculators – Scientific [100]

  • Thumb Drives – any size beginning at 4Gb works [50]

Along with the backpacks and supplies we distribute, we also try to provide each child with a new pair of tennis shoes. We generally need all boys and girls sizes from kindergarden through high school (prepa). If you or a friend have a trip planned to Cozumel in the coming 12 months and can fit some supplies in with your luggage we’d gladly meet you to receive these. Or, you can ship them to us at an address in the states and we will bring them to Cozumel in the coming year.

We will be tracking weekly ads and preparing lists of “hot buys” for those who are willing to help us. If you would like to be on our mailing list or want further information, please feel free to contact Larry Pedersen via email at and we’ll be happy to add you to our list.

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