Juan Diego as a vampire? — October 2013

Special needs children sponsored by Carrie’s Heart and their families gathered at the Casita Corazon Cozumel on October 30 for a Halloween fiesta . . . Mexican style. Events like this are special opportunities these families look forward to where they can celebrate in a very caring environment.

WOW . . . wish you all could have joined us to see Juan Diego’s face painted as a vampire and yes, that is a scary Halloween ring on his finger. Juan Diego is a young man in his early 20’s confined to life in a carriage similar to a large baby stroller. He was born with spina bifida and hydrocephaly. Although he is visually impaired, completely nonverbal and receives nutrition through a gastric feeding tube, those of us who know Juan Diego could see he really enjoyed the Halloween fiesta. His eyes were sparkling and alive with the stimulation of being right in the middle of the festivities. He enjoyed having his face painted and Leticia, his mother, requested we get some of the photos printed so they have them as a keepsake.

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Special thanks to Lee, Dianne and Cynthia, visiting volunteers who helped plan the fiesta and provided fabulous Halloween pumpkin buckets of special treats for each child. Lee and Dianne Wilson are frequent island visitors who devote a great deal of their time as volunteers at Casita Corazon to plan stimulation activities and assist with therapy 4 – 7pm three times a week.

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