First Day of School Supply Distribution – July 2013

The line began forming 30 minutes ahead of distribution

On Friday, we had our first day of distribution for school supplies. This year, we’ve targeted a list of 180 students who would receive backpacks, supplies, shoes, socks and underwear from Friends of Cozumel. Also this year, we are doing the distribution from a central location where we have all of our supplies stored (our “bodega”).

As we contacted people to tell them the location and dates they could pick up their supplies many told us that they would probably come on Friday, and they did. We distributed backpacks to over 93 children on Friday alone which was a great start! Having a lineup of people outside caused many passers-by to stop and ask what was happening. After all, no one wants to miss out on a good deal. When told what we do, many asked us how they could got their children on the list. We had to explain that this year’s list was final but we would take their information. As it turned out, we ended up with 14 new names to consider for next year.

A local family with 5 children was very happy to have their new supplies

With 93 given out, we’re half way there. We have 50 to distribute at Vida Abundante next week so we have approximately 40 to take care of this evening. The families as so, so appreciative of this support. It’s low season here and work is hard to find. This is a gift that is very much appreciated.

Deciding which backup to take can be a difficult decision

One thought on “First Day of School Supply Distribution – July 2013

  1. Mike Legg

    So Sad that we missed the distribution this year. Next year we will be down for sure from mid July to mid August. It is such a blessing to be able to share a little of what God has blessed us with these hard working families. Glad the other needy families found us. The ministry grows each year. See you soon.

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