Cozumel Christian Music Concert Redux…Feb. 25, 2012

About 200 people attended the free contemporary Christian music concert at Parque del la Concha on Feb. 4.

The Christian music concert that took place in Cozumel on Feb. 4 was a moving experience. Fifteen days later and 1,512 miles away, about 600 more people also got to experience it.

Just a couple of days after returning to Nebraska from their mission work in Cozumel, Gary, Julie and Jay talked about their experience during two worship services at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Lincoln.

“As we sang you could feel the spirit of God move through the crowd,” Gary said as he described the Cozumel concert. “People joined in the song and then, unrehearsed, other praise bands joined us on stage. As we all sang, Pastor Marilea began to pray over the top of the music. It was a very powerful moment.”

The St. Mark’s congregation watched a slide show of Cozumel mission photos projected onto 2 large screens as Gary, Julie and Jay performed “Hosanna In The Highest” –in Spanish, just as they had in Cozumel.

“It was clear that God doesn’t care what language we speak or what country we live in or whether we’re rich or poor,” Gary said.

St. Mark's Church in Lincoln, Neb. was the site of the second "Cozumel concert."

St. Mark’s Pastor Dennis Hanneman closed the presentation saying “We think of our neighbors near and far and even those who are strangers. We lift up our prayers to them.”

— Phyllis


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