Tammy’s Perspective…Feb. 7. 2012

Tammy (second from left) and Kristin helped students with English language skills at ICAT, a school in Cozumel for adult learners.

Having spent our time here trying to understand words and short phrases of Spanish to communicate, it was fun speaking English to ICAT students trying to learn our language. Everyone had different specific reasons for why they are learning English. Some worked at resorts and others were learning in order to get a better job. All the reasons amounted to them wanting a better way of life. 

At the end of the lesson, I was surprised that they were begging us to come back and talk with them. That same day we spoke with a taxi driver whose younger brother was riding along to learn the business. He talked to us and even took the long way so he could practice his English. We are finding that everywhere we go, people are so eager to talk and learn our language. It is so rewarding and fun at the same time.

We’ve had several other projects in the works. The concert our group helped with was a huge success. Several bands played including our very own Amigos de Cristos. There was a great sense of community as people gathered at the Parque de la Concha to listen.

At the concert it wasn’t about the lighting and stage props. It was about sharing their message and talent with the community. The concert started a bit late (like most things here) and the order of performance was not quite set, but each performance touched me. The drama that the youth performed to a song moved me to tears. It was so good to see so many young people included in the concert. The children ran around the park wearing glow bracelets and playing and singing along to the music.

Caretakers Carlos, Lupe and one of their sons, Jose, are pleased to have a newly painted bathroom with a new shower curtain and rod.

The renovation at Casita del Corazon is moving along nicely. The paint and woodwork are really making the place look amazing. Roger volunteered to hang two new ceiling fans in the caretakers’ room. Well, I guess he didn’t technically volunteer but his talent is greatly appreciated. Bright colors are being applied to furniture pieces to brighten up the place and the fabric being used on the curtains is going to bring the rooms together. I’m really excited to see it all done.

The caretakers’ home was painted first so the family could move in from the main house that we needed to work on. The bathroom needed plumbing and repairs but the family moved in a couple days ago. In the main house I used white paint for the trim and tight corners around the cabinets while the others rolled the ceilings and walls. I felt like I’d done 10,000,000 squats. Then I moved on to bright colors—a hot pink book shelf, two orange tables and a lime green cabinet. I’m glad I wore a lime green shirt that day. We’ll put on the second coat and probably a third coat today.

Carlitos, one of the caretakers’ sons, is right by our side as we paint. He picked up “see ya” in English and he comes up to us and says “see ya” and runs away then comes back again as a game while we paint. I’m going to miss him so much when we complete our work. ~ Tammy

Tammy paints a cabinet for the Casita del Corazon.

Tammy made friends with Carlitos, one of the caretakers' sons at the Casita del Corazon.

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