Cozumel Celebrates Philanthropy Day . . . November 15, 2011

Here’s a translated message from Dr. Oscar Frausto Martínez, Coordinator of the Council of Non-Profit Organizations in Cozumel . . .

Today we celebrate the Day of Philanthropy, each from our own vantage point doing our bit to improve the quality of life for all those who populate this beautiful island of Cozumel. We have to thank many people who support us with their donations, whether monetary, in-kind or the strength of their hands and hearts, but we must also recognize and realize that we have many tasks and challenges ahead.

To each of the non-profit organization leaders, volunteers, staff and advisory board members, I send a big hug on behalf of the Board of the Council of Civil Society Organizations of Cozumel.

Celebrate the Day of Philanthropy with the best you can do: helping someone else!

Adding our appreciation to Oscar’s message . . . THANKS to our Friends of Cozumel volunteers and donors who provide tremendous support in so many different ways! Together we’re promoting volunteerism, developing local leadership skills, supporting education and learning opportunities so people learn to help themselves as well as benefitting individuals, families and organizations that need assistance.

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