KUDOS to NUAFA . . . The ONLY Cozumel Daycare in Compliance! — March 29, 2011

Friends of Cozumel is very proud NUAFA consistently receives high marks for the quality of care provided to daycare children as well as maintaining a clean, safe facility. This is no small feat with the ongoing challenges of very limited resources and regulations that change frequently.

GREAT NEWS . . . Eloisa Buenfil, NUAFA’s President, asked me to share with Friends of Cozumel volunteers, donors and supporters . . . (Translated from Spanish) “Many thanks for all your support. Thanks to our God the end of the past week we passed two very difficult inspections for the daycare but everything was agreeable and the truth is they were happy with us for being the only daycare that complies with all their documents in order and for this reason, we very much appreciate all that you have contributed. We are very grateful and congratulate you also because this achievement is from each one of you brothers and sister. Many thanks.”

The end of last week marked a marathon inspection process that has been going on for weeks, sometimes with conflicting expectations between different government agencies. During a 3 hour inspection from Federal Level SEDESOL (government agency) representatives, EVERY document was reviewed in detail as well as the facility. At the same time Proteccion Civil (local Cozumel Fire Department) did an inspection.

NUAFA not only “passed” with flying colors, both inspection agencies reported NUAFA is the ONLY ONE of 12 SEDESOL sponsored daycares on the island that has ALL documents in place and has complied with facility inspection regulations! The other daycares are receiving “multas” (fines) for not having obtained their annual operating licenses, paid for annual garbage fees or complied with fire safety regulations.

NUAFA children, their families and staff LOVE the bright, clean environment! The The Federal inspection team marvelled at the condition of the facility with the newly painted rooms as well as the educational decorations (wall designs and mobiles) saying it was THE best in all the state of Quintana Roo and beyond! The past two Friends of Cozumel Mission Trips have focused on enhancing NUAFA’s facility. In October 2010 we moved the daycare kitchen to an outside patio to reduce fire hazards as well as installed an emergency exit door and stationery gas tank on the roof of the daycare. The interior walls of the daycare were scraped, painted and decorated with wall paper borders. Earlier this month, Mission Trip volunteers did facility repairs, built a storage cabinet, designed and made educational mobiles and applied wall decorations to support pre-school learning. See the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER photos by scrolling down this page to the March 21 post.

Special THANKS to the SAIL Group for the wonderful donations they brought during their annual cruise to Cozumel in January and onoing support of NUAFA’s operational expenses, to a number of individual donors who have provided supplies, as well as to Texoma Chapel Ministries who funded many of the fire safety related projects. –Karen

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