Nebraskans Escape Frigid Midwest & Deliver Donations–December 15, 2010

EloisaWell SOMEBODY has to deliver donations to Paradise . . . That’s their story and they’re sticking to it!

Avid cruisers Becky & Mike Gomez and Roger & Diane Hoy delivered four backpacks of donations to Cozumel yesterday filled to the brim with school supplies, tennis shoes, personal hygiene products, first aid supplies, batteries and other goodies for children and families in need. April Koss, local Friends of Cozumel volunteer, met them at Punta Langosta Mall to receive the donations. Some of these items will be given to families in Christmas “care” packages next week. The tennis shoes and school articles support the School Supplies Project and will be distributed this coming summer to help 100+ children continue their education. And much needed first aid supplies and batteries will go to non-profit organizations like NUAFA that focus on helping families.

The Hoys and Gomezes were recruited as “sherpas” by Gary and Phyllis Larsen, long-time Friends of Cozumel volunteers. We’re always amazed by the generousity and willingness our informal network of family and friends demonstrate to support Mexican families in need. Roger and Gary are cousins so conversations at family gatherings naturally include updates on Cozumel community service and mission efforts.

Getting donated goods transported to the island is one of our greatest challenges. Offers from cruiseship passengers to bring things in backpacks or in luggage with visitors vacationing on the island are greatly appreciated.


One thought on “Nebraskans Escape Frigid Midwest & Deliver Donations–December 15, 2010

  1. Phyllis Larsen

    Thanks to Diane for being the motivation behind this sherpa delivery project. Now that they’ve got the process perfected, we hope they’ll come back to Cozumel often.

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