Utah Visitors Volunteer & Donate During Thanksgiving Vacation–November 26, 2010

Sara and Cody McArthurSara McArthur recently wrote to this website “My husband and I are traveling to Cozumel for a family vacation and we would like to do some volunteer work while there. Either gathering supplies and bringing them for donation or volunteering our time and resources . . .” They are spending their Thanksgiving vacation here on the island snorkeling, diving, relaxing on the beach and devoting a few hours to volunteer work. Sara commented “Many people don’t realize you can spend a couple of hours doing a volunteer project during your vacation. It doesn’t have to be a whole week . . . you can make a difference in just an afternoon!”

Sara and her husband, Cody, served as Cruz Roja (Red Cross) volunteers at the Ironman Expo today sharing information about services available to the competing athletes, their friends and families.

Crus Roja VolunteersSpecial THANKS to Sara and Cody for bringing very generous donations to help Cozumel children from families in need. They brought new clothing for boys and girls that will be shared with local families during the holiday season. In addition, they donated 60 children’s underwear and 60 pair of socks that will be distributed by Friends of Cozumel as part of the School Supplies project.

Sara and Cody are excited to begin their family with the birth of their first child in January. When we met to receive their donations today they explained they come from families who are accustomed to giving to others, especially during the holiday season. Families helping families . . . that’s what it is all about.

Karen and Larry Pedersen

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