Support Children’s Education by Helping Us – August 18, 2010

Hello Super Shoppers,

We’re accumulating a good deal of the school supplies needed thanks to everyone’s generousity! We are raising our goal from supporting 75 children to hopefully helping 100+ kids in addition to providing supplies for two Christian Youth Bible School Programs and a school supply donation to the CAM school for youth with disabilities.

This may be the last week of advertised deals as some local schools began this week or will begin next Monday. The newspaper and online ads contained very few cheap weekly “deals” so we personally visited each of the 7 different stores to check out unadvertised stock and prices . . . thus the delay in sending out the list.

Best weekly deals through Sat., August 21
Please keep receipts for donated supplies – Required for Customs

Vinyl Storage Pouch (Limit 3 per household) – 5 cents
Translucent Calculators – $1.00

Calculators – $1.00
Girls’ or Boys’ Hanes 6 + 1-pk Socks (need various sizes) – $3.79
Girls’ Hanes 9 + 1-pk Underwear – $5.00

Vinyl Supply Pouch Ross brand – 25 cents
12-Count Crayola or CrazArt Colored Pencils – 75 cents
Back to School Calculators – $1.00
Girls’ or Boys’ Hanes Socks 12 pr for price of 10 – $5.87
Women’s Hanes Socks 8 pr for price of 6 – $4.87
Women’s Hanes Cotton Briefs Sizes 5-6, 8 pr for price of 6 – $5.27
Girls’ Hanes Underwear Sizes 6-16, 10 pr for price of 9 – $4.87
Boys’ Hanes Boxer Briefs Sizes S-XL, 4 for price of 3 – $4.87
Men’s Hanes Socks Sizes 6-12, 8 pr for price of 6 – $4.87

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