Casa del Alfarero NUAFA A.C. (Heart of Family Support) Receives Funds–Saturday, March 13

Jay and Gary install shelves for teaching materials at CAM School

GREAT NEWS . . . Eloisa Buenfil, NUAFA’s President and Founder, just shared she received a 15,000 peso check (~$1,225 USD) from Acuerdo San Gervasio that will pay for three months rent. This is the remaining balance of a 60,000 peso grant (~$5,000 USD) awarded to NUAFA in 2009. The grant supported moving the daycare, job training for women and other programs from Eloisa’s personal home to a rented facility for the first time since NUAFA was founded 8 years ago.

The Acuerdo San Gervasio (ASG) grant program is a collaboration between local government and private sector businesses to support innovative programs that benefit the community. Although non-profit organizations like NUAFA received the first part of their grant awards in 2009, the local government ran short of funds so was not able to provide the balance of the grants these organizations were counting on receiving. NUAFA does not have any ongoing source of funding to pay rent so this has been real struggle in recent months.

Great, Great Grandmother of NUAFA child

It is uncertain if any Acuerdo San Gervasio grant funds will be available in 2010 . . . but for now, Eloisa and NUAFA families are extremely grateful and celebrating the rent will be paid through mid-June!

WHEW . . . this good news came “just in time”! Rent is due in two days and NUAFA didn’t have funds to cover the rent. Eloisa tells me I worry too much . . . maybe I do! Living one day (or moment) at a time is key to surviving here on the island. –Karen

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