Bienvenidos to “Friends” Visiting Cozumel – Week of Jan. 24, 2010

Alan & Lori Brown (IA)–Jan. 24 arrival for a much needed vacation escape from the artic midwest weather. Browns are frequent island visitors and long-time donors of clothing, shoes and household goods to benefit Cozumel families. This trip they brought supplies for community projects . . . “sherpa” volunteers really help!

Larry Pedersen (IA)–Jan. 28 arrival to host the SAIL group, distribute donations, visit construction projects underway at the CAM School and for Jose’s family as well as plan other community service projects for the Mission Trip Febuary 24-March 3.

SAIL, Solid Assurance In the Lord, a bible study cruise group of 18 women from TX and surrounding area)–Jan. 29 arrival to visit the mission partnerships SAIL supports: NUAFA (Heart of Family Support), CAM School for Children with Disabilities, and Vida Abundante (Abundant Life) Christian Outreach Ministry.

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