Three Key Announcements Impacting Families

Three key announcements made by authorities recently impacting Cozumel families:

  • Stay-at-home restrictions will continue at least through the end of May (or longer).  Many had hoped the island would open to tourism June 1 but that is being delayed. 
  • Students will not return to classes for the remainder of this school year that ends July 17 for most public schools.
  • University of Quintana Roo, the public university on Cozumel, announced free summer and fall semester tuition.  

The governor is meeting with national tourism officials to reconsider tourism as an “essential” business. Our current situation includes:  nightly curfew from 7pm to 5am, restricted mobility to one person per vehicle/moto, leaving home only for essential jobs, food (groceries, carryout) or medical/health reasons.  

It is unknown if there will be government help to pay tuition required for public high school and/or uniforms or school supplies for students in all grade levels.  As a result, the Friends of Cozumel school supply project and scholarship program may be more important than ever.

Friends of Cozumel’s focus for this week includes: 

  • Providing food despensas for 25 families benefiting approximately 100 youth and adults of Vida Abundante Church, including supplies for five babies.
  • Handling special needs like feminine hygiene products.
  • Buying/packing despensas for distribution.  
  • Vida Abundante pastors continue to provide three prepared meals weekly for families in the broader community who don’t have work.

Again, it is thanks to generous donors that we are able to provide these services to the community. We, and they, are thankful for those of you that make this possible. Thank you for reading and supporting the people of San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexico. To donate go to our page how to make a donation or via PayPal

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