It’s a Working Honeymoon—Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010

Today’s opening devotion focused on the fact that life is full of choices. We can choose to be positive or not. We can choose to help others or work only for ourselves. In this case, our choice of an optimistic approach to our work created a very ambitious project list. We’re tiring, time is running short and we have so much work yet to do. Thank heavens the reinforcements arrived yesterday.

Julie shows new grab bars in a freshly painted bathroom at CAM. Our group worked to create handicapped accessible bathrooms at the school for chlidren disabilities.

 And how appropriate to learn that after renewing their vows, this mission trip is a second honeymoon for Julie and Jay.

Jay demonstrates that one man's work is another man's vacation.

The construction and finish work continued in anticipation of installation of items at the CAM school for children with disabilities. As we discussed the list of work yet to be checked off our lists, another idea from today’s devotion came to mind: Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

So I choose not to worry about the fact that my email inbox has 323 real-job-related messages in it. Or the fact that I have buttercup yellow paint in my hair. I choose to enjoy the warmth of the day (apologies to fellow Nebraskans still suffering in the cold). I most definitely chose a second helping of bacon from the excellent breakfast served by Cook-in-Residence LaFonda. And I choose to forge ahead with our work although my dogs are barkin’ –my way of saying my feet hurt.

The moral of today’s story is that life is, indeed, full of choices—and there’s always a reason for bacon. (mentioned in honor of Taylor, a 19-year old FOC donor, who coined the phrase).—Phyllis

Hoyt, Ray, Larry and Gary install a swing at CAM developed to help children with disabilities learn balance.

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