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Friends of Cozumel general information, to make donations or volunteer contact:

Larry Pedersen
Cell Phone—from the US dial: 515-249-9241 (rings to Larry in the US & in Mexico)
Cozumel Cell Phone – 987-101-0743

Local contact information for organizations featured on Friends of Cozumel site—Spanish only:

Karen Pedersen works directly with Spanish speaking leaders of the local organizations listed below and can facilitate translation (English/Spanish) communication with them.

Vida Abundante (church)
Location: Av. 80 bis between Calle 10 & 12
Pastor Mariela’s Cell: (987) 111-7094
Pastor Salomón’s Cell: (987) 140-5844

12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Cindy Allen

    We are from Pleasant Hill, Iowa and have been going to Cozumel for the last 15 years. We would love to help purchse supplies and get them down there for your group. Let me know what you need.


  2. Donna Rae

    Hi Karen. I am interested in making a donation to the ‘dispensa’ for food for needy families. Can you tell me how to go about doing that? I was also interested in sponsoring a child for a small monthly fee? Do you know about that? With both of these requests I want to make sure the money goes to the people, not to administrative persons. Thanks Karen.

  3. Pat Kardin

    We will be in Cozumel from Feb. 2 to Feb. 13 and would like to volunteer to do something with children a few days during that time. We are retired teachers from the U.S. We are also going to try to bring school supplies along with us and would like to drop them off at the schools. Can you give us some direction in how and what we might be able to do? We stay at Playa Azul and will have a car. Thank you for your assistance.

  4. Mike Legg

    What is a good address to send a check for a donation? We can’t come until spring so we would like to send a check to help out. Please email me an address to send the check.
    Mike and Hettie Legg

  5. John Wilson

    Perhaps you remember my brother Paul and I visiting with you in March. My wife and I are coming July 11- 19 and we would like to bring an extra bag of school supplies for your school supply ministry. Do you still need the items listed on the website? Are there are any specific items that are needed now?
    We will be able to deliver them to your house or wherever you prefer on any afternoon. Just email and let us know.

    God Bless,
    John Wilson

  6. pedersenll Post author

    YES! We’d love your help. We’ll get back to you soon with some details on the most needed resources and how to connect with us. Thanks to all you Rotarians.

  7. Liliana Velasco- Ariza

    Hello, please allow me to introduce myself and offer my services, I manage and funded a horse sanctuary riding for the disabled centre.

    For many years it has been funded out of my own funds, and since 2008 we became a non-profit organization.

    We always need volunteers and donations please help us help them

    Thank you
    Rancho Universo AC

  8. Nancy

    a group of Alabama Rotarians are coming to Cozumel for a few hours the end of April. Please let us know if we could bring family health supplies or school supplies to help your work?

  9. Alfredo

    I am so proud of you guys…. as a Mexican I feel so happy and thankfull for all the help you give to my people.
    God bless you all foor all your kindness and your beautiful heart.


  10. Jamie Schwaninger

    Sounds like things are going well. Hope you get some time to relax. I’ll keep some snow here for you when you get back.

  11. Julie Marshall

    Looking forward to joining you soon. Thanks for sharing the “adventure” with us until we arrive!!!

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