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SAIL’s Cozumel Mission Efforts

Solid Assurance in the Lord

S.A.I.L. (Solid Assurance In the Lord) is an annual women’s bible study cruise that grew from friends’ desire to have fun cruising together to a mission focus helping others less fortunate in Cozumel.

Beginning a mission focus . . . Cozumel has been a long-time port-of-call for SAIL cruises. In 2007 SAIL ventured into the community and toured DIF (government sponsored social service agency) daycare centers. Over 40 bags of donations were brought for the daycares, for DIF to distribute to families and for Cruz Roja (Red Cross). SAIL partnered with Red Cross in 2008 to plan a 1-day service project involving other community agencies to directly benefit families in Las Fincas, one of Mexico’s highest poverty areas.

Developing an ongoing mission partnership . . . SAIL’s January 25, 2008 Cozumel visit also included a tour of NUAFA (Heart of Family Support). The outcome of NUAFA’s tour and SAIL’s incredibly generous donations led to development of an ongoing mission partnership that continues today with a broader scope in the community.

Cozumel volunteer with local student – Jan 2009

Cozumel volunteer, CAM student with disabilities & SAIL participants--Jan. 2009

Changing Lives . . . Reaching hearts . . . Sharing Christ’s Love . . . Learn more about the specific organizations, ministries and projects SAIL supports:

Families in Need
CAM School
Bible Blessings
Youth Ministries & Bible School
Vida Abundante Outreach Ministry

Donations are invaluable! However, SAIL’s impact goes beyond resources . . .

  • A trust relationship and personal/spiritual connection exists with local pastors and leaders of non-profit organizations who support children and families in need.
  • Local leaders have learned to identify, communicate and prioritize their needs as a direct result of SAIL’s support.
  • Local volunteers (expats living on the island) are involved in supporting NUAFA, CAM, and other efforts as a direct result of their participation with SAIL.
  • The Bible Blessings ministry initiated by SAIL encourages local pastors and lay leaders to continue evangelism efforts. Putting God’s word in the hands of new believers changes lives.
  • SAIL’s mission efforts inspires other visiting groups (i.e. Chapelwood Wesley Youth Choir of Houston shared their gift of music, donated bibles and $ to Bible Blessings ministry.
  • SAIL’s mission focus led to partnering with Friends of Cozumel to sponsor Mission Trips. SAIL participants and their family members are Mission Trip leaders and volunteers along with others who share a passion for helping the community.

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  • claudia rivera

    in November 5th, 2011 @ 15:02

    I need more information about your ministry. I planning a cruise to Cozumel for September 2012. With Young Adults ministries, we will be cruising with Carnival from Tampa, Florida.
    Thank you.

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