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“Women on a Mission” . . . Making a Difference in Cozumel!

WOW . . . What incredible donations SAIL brought in January! These resources are vitally important in helping children, families and the community. However, SAIL’S impact goes waaaaaay beyond providing material “things”. Your interaction in this year’s mini-mission projects with local people who directly benefit from SAIL’s support, sharing your heart and showing you care was such a positive, inspirational experience for all of us! Heartfelt THANKS on behalf of Friends of Cozumel and local families. See “news” below as of 4/11/11~~Karen

NUAFA—Continues to struggle not having enough $s to feed daycare children, pay rent & staff. Government funding for food scholarships has not yet been available for 2011. A couple daycare staff were laid off, yet Eloisa has incredible faith something will happen to help. We hope funding will resume in April. SAIL’s ongoing support of utilities & ink is invaluable!

  • KUDOS to NUAFA staff, donors (especially SAIL), volunteers & supporters! In March, federal and local inspectors confirmed NUAFA is the ONLY ONE of 12 SEDESOL sponsored daycares on the island that has ALL documents in place and has complied with facility inspection regulations!
  • Sewing participants in the class ending in Feb. made 10 garments, proudly shared them during the Mission Trip and expressed gratitude for SAIL providing the fabric and sewing machines. Nearly all the donated fabric has already been used! Classes will be extended to 4 months to expand learning. Next class begins April 11th. These women want to learn English so Karen agreed to teach English classes this spring. Anyone want to help?
  • New idea – Friends of Cozumel volunteers will teach a basic home repair class for women and provide them with a small set of tools. We’re gathering donations of new or used basic tools–channel lock pliers, small hammers, small crescent wrenches, screwdrivers (slotted & Phillips) and metric tape measures (shorter lengths of 12-20’ or 3-4 meters are OK). We also need masonry bits (1/4” & 3/8”) and 3-5 electric drills.
  • FUN, learning mobiles and daycare wall decorations have been created by Mission volunteers.

CAM School

  • Braille writing slates donated by Gloria Wooten are the first CAM has ever had! Teachers learned to use them at an in-service 3/25. It’s a life changing experience for visually impaired youth to learn to write in Braille!
  • New raised garden beds were donated by a visiting Texas Rotary Club that cruised to Cozumel in Feb. The local Rotary Club constructed the beds. Older CAM students are teaching younger ones about caring for the plants. Cilantro and radishes are ready to eat.
  • Horse Riding Therapy for CAM children with disabilities is a new opportunity piloted at Rancho Universo, a non-profit ranch that also rescues horses. Mission volunteers provided transportation for CAM students and parents. We hope this will become an ongoing therapy opportunity for these children.

Jose’s Family

  • Jose LOVES his new infant swing installed during the Mission Trip because he can now be outside.
  • Improving healthy living conditions: Mission volunteers tackled the HUGE project of cleaning soot off walls & ceiling of the room next to the kitchen; then applied a sealer. A tarp awning installed over the large screen windows protects from rain/sun. Since SAIL’s visit, 3 food despensas, clean water & shoes for all were delivered.
  • Changes in Jose’s family: Two of the mothers and 4 children in this multi-generation extended family moved to live with other relatives to help alleviate the # of mouths to feed and close living quarters. Now living with Jose are 2 grandparents, his mother, aunt & uncle; total of 9 kids ages 5-16. We’re identifying options for educational support for the kids, including Luis, Jose’s developmentally disabled brother who would benefit from CAM.
  • Pastors from a nearby Christian mission visited Jose’s family and are encouraging their participation.

Vida Abundante

  • Mission and church volunteers worked side-by-side to transform the worship area . . . 6 new benches built for additional seating, 50 chairs repaired/varnished, lights installed, beautiful new wood cross constructed, sound system donated, old concrete pillars and plant pots revived with new gold paint.
  • Strengthening the men’s ministry is a new focus for V.A. that is currently led by women volunteers & pastor.
  • A mission cruise group (30 teens & adults) from Indianapolis Parc-Way Assembly of God will come 8/2 to host an exciting youth outreach program (clowns, puppet shows, songs, skits in Spanish) for 50-100+ local kids.

Bible Blessings: Received 45 large print bibles & shared with 3 churches. An order for regular bibles using SAIL’s $ donation will soon be placed. We are changing providers to improve service and reduce shipping costs.

School Supplies: SAIL’s “mountain” of donated school supplies ensures we can help ~125 children with backpacks of basic supplies. We have the largest donation ever of tennis shoes, underwear and socks! Distribution will be early Aug.

Friends of Cozumel Mission Opportunities—Love to have you join us! October 23-30, 2011 & February 1-8, 2012

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