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SAIL 2012 Cozumel Backpacks

Packing Suggestions from Ilene

Each SAIL participant is encouraged to take two new or gently used backpacks or messenger bags if at all possible. Either pack one bag inside the other or carry off two. The bags will be filled with school supplies and given to families in need Aug. 2012. The extra backpacks are really needed to reach our goal of helping 150+ children.

Need ideas of items that can be purchased or collected for your backpacks? Go to You Can Help; then Wish Lists. The highest priority needs are highlighted, but use the resources available to you . . . there could be other things on the list that you can access from others.

Below are my top requests for the SAIL backpacks we take to Cozumel. If you are having trouble filling your backpacks, let me know and I’ll be sure you receive items to fill them! THANKS so much ~~Ilene.

1. Backpacks: Bring two regular size (not small) backpacks or messenger bags if possible. If you find a good deal for new or gently used ones; folding them and bringing more packed inside each other would be great! If you bring more than two and plan on packing some inside the others; then additional small backpacks are fine.

2. Athletic shoes: Greatest need is for women’s and men’s sizes 5-8 primarily white athletic shoes. A small amount of accent color is OK. The older kids have to have white tennis shoes but most people purchase/donate the smaller, cute tennis shoes. The second greatest need is for any color larger children’s sizes 3-5 that bridge to the adult sizes.

3. Children’s outfit of summer weight fabric: Boys or girls size 2-5 years. These outfits are given to children of families in need who attend NUAFA daycare to ensure they have something to wear for Christmas.

4. Items to distribute at Christian concert/evangelism event in February: Christian or inspirational theme caps, t-shirts, key rings, cell phone covers, pens, pencils, small bags to carry personal items, bracelets, etc. English words/themes OK; Spanish even better! Could be left over shirts or other “give away” items from events at your church, Bible School or other youth events. These are things that you can possibly find at no cost to you. Spanish tracts, especially those at a very basic reading level would be great; so if we have donations we can purchase tracts. One year Pat Means recruited children to make bracelets to send to Cozumel . . . this would be a perfect project for youth or adult groups, then you could take photos and share with the groups that made the items.

5. Fabric and/or pattern books/magazines for sewing classes: Greatest need is for light weight plain or pattern fabric of cotton, poly/cotton blends, washable linen/rayon or knit jersey for beginning sewing classes. Secondary need is for dressier fabrics for more advanced sewers. Notions not needed now. Participants also LOVE pattern books and sewing magazines with lots of photos to use as ideas for garments.

6. Specialty school supply items: SAIL participants who purchased general school supplies during the summer 2011 from the list provided should definitely bring those. As of September, we have most of the basic supplies needed for Aug. 2012. Remaining needs are for the following specialty items: dry erase markers (black preferred); scientific calculators; Spanish/English student dictionaries (Big Lots stores stock them occasionally for $2) and metric geometry sets (complete sets) or metric geometry ruler sets (includes metric ruler, two triangles and protractor—we have compasses to add to these to complete the set).

7. Boys underwear: Sizes S (6-8), M (10-12) and L (14-16). Do not need girls underwear.

8. White socks or footies: Boys and Girls size medium

The Wish Lists identify other in-kind and cash contribution needs such as sponsorship for Bible School that benefits multiple organizations and churches as well as specific needs for the CAM School for children with disabilities, NUAFA, Vida Abundante, and families in need.

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  • Cindy Carrier

    in August 9th, 2012 @ 09:55

    So how does this work? My husband and I will be cruising to Cozumel with several friends and family to celebrate my 50th birthday. If we were to have backpacks or shoes ready could someone meet us as we get off the cruise ship and get them????

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