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SAIL 2011

SAIL (Solid Assurance In the Lord) 2011 Participant Info

Carnival Conquest, sailing from Galveston January 16 -23, 2011

We will again be taking donations and visiting our mission partners in Cozumel–NUAFA, CAM school, local pastors involved in Christian outreach efforts.

20 participants

Back SAIL 2011 Backpacks . . . Packing Suggestions

SAIL’s goal is for each participant to carry one new or gently used backpack or messenger bag off the ship full of donations. We really need more backpacks for our goal to help 100+ school children so for those who can, bringing a second backpack would be wonderful . . . either pack it inside the first one or carry off two! These backpacks will be filled with school supplies & given to families in need Aug. 2011.

It’s not too early to decide how you would like to fill your backpack & begin gathering donations for our mission partners in Cozumel! You may include a mix of items that support various efforts. Donations other than school supplies will be delivered to families and organizations during the Mission Trip in February. Highest priority needs are in red.

Special request . . . We are asking each SAIL participant to bring one or more pairs of new or gently used tennis shoes. Many families can’t afford children’s shoes, yet shoes are required to attend school.

Having trouble filling your backpack? Please let Ilene know and she will make sure you receive items to fill it up!

For Families “in need”—Kids’ tennis shoes, school supplies, and other clothing items
______ New or gently used tennis shoes for children ages 4-12; US Kids’ sizes 12-13 & 1-4
______ The GREATEST need is for larger sizes– Women’s 5-8 for pre-teen girls & Men’s 5-10 for boys
______ School supplies: scientific calculators, highlighters (any color or size), red ink pens
______ New boys’ & girls’ underwear for ages 4-12
______ New boys’ & girls’ white socks/footies ages 4-12; see shoe sizes above
______ New outfits for boys & girls sizes 2 – 5 for NUAFA daycare kids to help families at Easter or Christmas. Should be                practical, washable, summer weight fabrics.

Children’s Learning — NUAFA Daycare, Youth Ministries, CAM–Children with Disabilities
______12-20 mobiles to decorate daycare for ages 1-4 in various themes & colors. Suitable for humid climate.
______ 4-5 clocks for daycare rooms (battery operated, not electric). Can all be the same or different.
______ Educational/developmental toys for ages 1-4; simple games with Spanish instructions for ages 5-12
______ Spanish children’s books new or gently used (pre-K for daycare ages 1-4; Grades 1-6 too; coloring books)
______ General teaching aids/bulletin board materials to teach #s, alphabet, colors, animals, etc.
______ Christian bracelets/other items with Spanish acronyms to use for youth outreach and bible school prizes
______ Sports equipment-Deflate to transport (soccer balls, basketballs; softball size wiffel balls; soft/squishy balls)

NUAFA (Heart of Family Support)—Classes/Job Training for Women & General Needs
______ Fabric for sewing classes. Typical lengths: 1 2/3 yd/skirts; 2 1/4 yd/dresses of 60” wide fabric or 2-3 yd of 45”                fabric. Special need: dressy fabrics for learning advanced skills. Ongoing need: lightweight plain or patterns of                cotton, poly/cotton blends, washable linen/rayon or knit jersey. Notions are not needed now.
______ Plastic storage bags with zippers to store fabric for sewing classes (like the type for purchased bedspreads)
______ Pattern books to use as ideas for sewing class participants
______ Dry erase markers and eraser for whiteboard
______ 4+ tablecloths for 6′ long banquet tables for various events (i.e. 1-2 pretty plastic lace, 1-2 with children’s themes                for daycare events, 1-2 plain or small patterns for educational programs)
______ 8-12 nice quality dish towels (Colors better than white so stains don’t show.)
______ Plastic food storage containers with good seals for leftovers and to store dry goods

Cash Donations—Needs to share with prospective donors; any $$$ amount welcome!

  • $10-$500 School supplies—Local purchase of notebooks/paper for 100+ children. Ave. cost $5/child
  • $250+ Sponsor Classes/Job Training for Women (Click on link)—Instructor pay for 3 month class
  • $10-$100 NUAFA Operational Expenses—Utilities and/or printing. Monthly pledge or 1-time gift
  • $25-$500 NUAFA Daycare equipment—Plates/glasses, children’s tables/chairs, high chairs, intercom
  • $5+ Bible Blessings (Click on link)—Purchase of Spanish bibles for local churches
  • $25-$250 Mission Projects—Materials to fund various service projects for Mission Trip Feb. 2011

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