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February 2013 Project Schedule

CALENDAR OF EVENTS – Mission Project Week is Friday, February 1-8, 2013

Detailed schedule of specific times, locations, and # of volunteers needed for each activity will be available week of Jan 28.

February 1 and 8 are held as travel days for visiting volunteers. Projects are scheduled Saturday, Feb 2 – Thursday, Feb 7. Volunteers select their level of involvement and are welcome to join us for just one activity, a couple of days or more.

Volunteers who plan to participate for 2 or more days are encouraged to participate in Welcome Event Friday, Feb 1.

FRI 2/1 SAT 2/2 SUN 2/3 MON 2/4 TUE 2/5 WED 2/6 THU 2/7
9:00 Meeting Garden Team
Compost Class
8 in English
9 in Spanish
Federal Holiday
No School
8:30 Devotions
9:00 Planning Mtg
Free Morning Free Morning TBD by Teams 9-11 Sewing Boxers Class*
  9:30 Teams Plan
Casita Equipment
Garden Team
Manos y Voces
Sewing & Crafts

10 Bazar Setup

Team Projects:
Casita Equipment
-Upholster swing
Garden Team
Manos y Voces
Team Projects:
Casita Equipment
Garden Bed #1
Manos y Voces
Sewing/Crafts Prep
9-11 Mending Class * Rain Date/Finish
Casita roof repair
Casita lift van
Garden beds
Install hose adaptor
11:45 Lunch 1 Lunch Lunch on your own 12 Lunch 12:00 Meeting
12:30 Lunch
Lunch on your own
Casita Swing
Manos y Voces
Free Afternoon Projects Continue
Build Display Easel
Install hose adaptor
Casita roof repair
Garden Bed #2
-Inside Repairs
-Electrical Assess.
-Lift Van
Finish Display Easel
Garden Bed #3
Deliver projects:
Display Board
Container gardens and/or plants
1 Bazar Transport
2-5 Gran Bazar
5-6 Bazar Packup
3 Fiesta Setup
4-6 Casita Family Fiesta & Picnic
2-4 Home Repair Class*
2-4 Manos y Voces Tape Drywall
2-4 Manos y Voces Tape Drywall
Store Supplies

5:30 Welcome
Happy Hour
Proj. Overview
Group Photo
Supper & Signup
6 Happy Hour
& Reflections
Free Evening

Carnaval Events

7-9 Crafts Class * Conversational English Classes
6:30 Orientation
7-8 Intermediate
8-9 Pre-Intermediate
5-6 Conversational English Basic
5 Event Setup
6-7:30 Family Event @
Manos y Voces
6 Celebration
Project Photos
Happy Hour & Supper

* Distribution of reading magnifier glasses to those who need them will be done during these classes and small group events.

Note: This calendar is not “all inclusive”. It lists only main activities to give volunteers an idea of the variety of projects planned as well as free time built into the schedule. Projects focus on four areas: Children with disabilities, Education/Learning, General Support of Families in Need, and Ministries. For clarification purposes, some activities are described below:

Casita Corazon (House of the Heart): Is a home environment where children with disabilities sponsored by Carrie’s Heart receive therapy. The Casita serves as a resource center for their families. Mission volunteers will do the following projects/activities:

  • Design and build therapy equipment — a structure of treated lumber in the backyard that will have interchangeable swings . . . a cot type swing for children who are unable to sit without assistance, a padded platform swing for physical therapy to help children learn balance and a recreational swing. Also, a light box will be constructed using a black light and decorations for stimulation therapy.
  • Do facility repairs: roof leaks, wood table top, door locks, sink leaks, check AC, replace florescent light ballast etc.
  • Conduct electrical wiring assessment to ensure safety and identify any potential danger areas.
  • Host a family “Fiesta” with carnival games and picnic for family members of children with disabilities to enjoy recreation and social time together.
  • Help recondition a used lift van being driven from the US to transport children and family members to Casita and events.

Educational classes and workshops to be taught by mission volunteers and/or local experts:

  • Conversational English. We will go to ICAT, a technical job training adult education school to practice conversation in small groups with students learning English. They benefit by hearing native English speakers and are curious to learn about our culture and English expressions . . . a fun experience. Volunteers can go to 1 or all classes.
  • Compost. . . How to make organic natural fertilizer. Part of the garden project to help families grow food for their own use and/or start a home based business.
  • Crafts. Learning to make fabric flower decorations and paper bead jewelry will help Vida Abundante’s (Abundant Life) ministry by providing their women’s group products to sell along with food sales in Cozumel’s central plaza on Sunday evenings. Money raised is used to pay the church’s expenses and to save to purchase land to build a worship center.
  • Home Repairs. A pilot program to teach women how to use tools and do simple home repairs will save them money and help their families or organization become self sufficient. Each participant will receive a kit of hand tools to keep.
  • Mending. . . How to repair clothing. Women will be invited to bring an armload of clothing their family needs repaired so they can learn how to do simple repairs. Volunteers with sewing experience will do machine repairs. Participants will receive mending kits to take home.
  • Sewing boxers, pajamas, shorts. Women with sewing experience will receive patterns and learn how to sew a pair of boxers.

Gardens Mission volunteers will work hand-in-hand with families “in need” to set up home gardens to grow food. Garden beds will be installed at Casita Corazon and two families that each have 10 children + adults. A few other families may be involved in starting container gardens using repurposed food-safe items from the island’s recycling center and/or hanging garden solutions. The focus will be on traditional soil based vegetable and herb gardens. Family representatives will learn how to make organic natural fertilizer (compost).

Manos y Voces (Hands and Voices) Is a non-profit organization that provides services for children, teens and adults who are deaf or have profound hearing loss. We’re very excited to partner with them for the first time. Manos y Voces sponsors bringing specialist doctors from mainland Mexico, provides therapy to help deaf individuals learn to speak and also provides free sign language classes for the community. Mission volunteers will construct a soundproof testing room (the only one on the island) and install sheetrock walls and door to enclose a classroom for language therapy. We will also host a family fun event with carnival games and opportunity for the children to teach us sign language.

General support of families in need and ministries. Donated clothing and shoes distributed at the Gran Bazar enables families to purchase new and gently used goods for a very reasonable cost. Proceeds will benefit Vida Abundante ministries and fund future mission projects (i.e. school supplies for 180 children, perhaps initiate a scholarship program for career studies to benefit older youth). Donated reading glasses will be distributed during various classes and family events. Selected families will receive resources to help them become self sustainable (i.e. installation of a drinking water system will save a family of 15 about 100 pesos weekly that can be re-allocated to fund a roof for their house, install a pump hose adaptor to use to water a garden). A display easel will be built for Vida Abundante to use in selling crafts to raise money for their ministry and will double as an announcement board for their outside worship area.

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