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School Supplies

General Information


~  The need–Attending a public school is “free”. However, families must furnish the learning supplies (very expensive to buy locally) plus purchase required uniforms and shoes. Families who can’t afford these expenses for all their school age children, may have to decide which children to send to school or what basic needs to go without (i.e. food, rent/utilities, health related expenses) to pay for school supplies. Supplies are only distributed to children “in need” identified by local pastors, Friends of Cozumel volunteers and other local leaders who have personal knowledge of family situations.

~  Our goal—Provide basic school supplies for 500 children (kindergarten through college ages 4-18+). In addition we try to provide athletic shoes required for physical education for some of the children. Families provide school uniforms, black shoes required by the school and special supplies designated by their school/teacher.

~ We coordinate with Chrysalis and Cozumel Community Foundation, non-profit organizations that also provide school supplies for children in need, to avoid duplication of resources.

~ Local businesses are supported through the purchase of most paper products and other items needed to supplement in-kind donations received.

~ Excess donated supplies are used to help more children, given to the CAM school for children with disabilities, youth ministries and/or Bible School.

~ Donations of cash or school supplies are accepted year-round in Cozumel or in the US by Friends of Cozumel volunteers in Iowa, Nebraska or Texas. School supplies are distributed in late July and early August.

~ This is an excellent project for families, schools, churches and civic groups!


School Supplies Needed – Red Items Are Greatest Needs as of March 2017. Black items show items we may have enough of for 2017; excess donations will be used for other needs.
Backpacks and messenger bags (new or good condition used)
2-Pocket folders (approx 200)
Metric rulers (flexible plastic preferred vs. wood)
Scissors (pointed or blunt tip)
Glue sticks
No. 2 lead pencils
Pencil erasers (schools prefer white, separate erasers NOT the kind for the end of pencils)
Pencil sharpeners
Black pens
Blue pens
Red pens
Small bottles of liquid white correction fluid
Highlighters(teachers prefer yellow/neon yellow)
Dry erase markers (black preferred)
24 ct. Crayons, Jumbo Crayons
12 or 24 ct. Colored Pencils
8-10 ct. Washable Color Marker sets
Calculators (inexpensive, basic calculators for most students; scientific calculators for middle/high school. Dollar Tree often has both of these.)
Metric Geometry Sets
Precision compasses
Spanish/English student dictionaries (Can often find them at Big Lots for $2)
USB Thumb drives (4Gb+)

Buy locally: Bi-color (red/blue) pencils, correction fluid, white copy paper, notebooks. Students typically do not need loose leaf notebook paper.

Related School Needs (athletic shoes) to be distributed with school supplies
SHOES ARE ALWAYS NEEDED. New or gently used athletic shoes for children ages 4-12. The greatest need is for (1.) any color larger children’s sizes 3-5 that bridge to adult sizes (2.) white women’s and white men’s shoes sizes 5-8 (small accent color OK) (3.) Men’s white shoes size 9-13.

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